Doing a ‘Woudaapje’

Last week I found myself back in Portugal. One evening I went to a golf course where I hoped to see a Little Bittern near a pond I visited last year. Which I did, but more […]

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Fluffy Chick

Recently I stumbled upon a breeding Oystercatcher. The bird was very alert, and since I didn’t want to disturb it any further, I kept my distance. I could see however through my binoculars that the […]

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Wheatear here, Wheatear there, Wheatear ….

Last week I was checking out a local patch, when I suddenly saw a Northern Wheatear on top of a pile of sand. While slowly approaching the bird, I noticed another one on my left. No, […]

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Limosa Limosa

In previous blogs I have written extensively about the decline of this bird. Many people have reported that to them it seems that this spring seems especially void of our beloved Black-tailed Godwits. Of course, […]

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Nikon D500 + 500mm f4  | 1/1000s | f5 | ISO640 | overexposed 2FS | handheld | The Netherlands 2017

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Spoonbill Siblings

Spoonbills rock ! I simply love these birds, especially during the breeding season when they show their ‘bushy nuchal crest’. Of course they are unmistakable with their typical bill with a spatula-shaped tip (hence the […]

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Singing Purple Rain

With Prince having passed away a year ago yesterday and playing “Purple Rain” on my computer, I decided it was time for some tribute. So, I needed something purple and a singer. The first thing that […]

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Over the last couple of years I have seen Partridges at a spot not too far from my home. Their living space is getting smaller every year though, since buildings are still taking over more […]

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Redneck Rebound

Last week I visited a Red-necked Grebe in bright and sunny weather. This made for crisp images with a lot of blue. Since for many birds the plumage shows much better in clouded circumstances, I […]

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Last week, for the first time I found a Red-necked Grebe that really lived up to its name. No surprise, as these birds usually breed abroad. They are normally found in our country during winter. Hence, […]

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Wading Wader

Not all waders are actually wading all time. Black-tailed Godwits are often seen and photographed while in a field or sitting on a fence post. This one though was really wading, sometimes chest-deep. Although the […]

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Fluffy Bunch

This time of year is traditionally the time to search for young Tawny Owls. Over the last years the forest close to my home hosted 3-4 nests and every year I found some of these […]

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