Armchair Bird Shooting

Since the weather forecast predicted rain, rain and some more rain for today, I didn’t count on any bird shooting. After reading some newspapers I went to the kitchen for another round of coffee, when I saw a family of Long-tailed Tits (Staartmees) in the tree behind our house. Quickly I got my camera and took some shots – even if the rain was pouring down. Since I didn’t even have to leave the house, the rain wasn’t a problem. The group consisted of some adults and many juvenile birds, some of them still being fed by the parents. As you can tell from the main image, the background is rather busy, so I took the opportunity to experiment some more with my Topaz Remask plug-in for CS5. Probably need to do some fine tuning, but as a quick fix it isn’t half bad in my opinion 😉 .

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