Bad Luck and lessons learned….and more

photocrati galleryAfter missing all the winter photo opportunities last week due to work abroad and an additional 24 hour delay in getting home thanks to our national airline KLM, this morning I ventured out for a quick shooting tour. First thing I found was a dead Jack Snipe… Fortunately I also found one that was alive and could take plenty of shots. After rushing home I quickly loaded them into my computer – and deleted my CF-card. And after that all pictures were gone… ?!?! I still do not know what triggered this or what I did wrong – the result was nevertheless the same. For the first time I had seen a Jack Snipe and then: all pictures gone.. A friend of mine (Olof) provided me with a software program that saved some of the images from my memory card, although not all came out in RAW… At least I have some evidence left and learned a lessons: as from now I will never delete pictures from my memory card before making sure they are all well stored on my Mac. Still.. how the hell did this happen ???

Anyway, later this day I went to another spot and was able to shoot more birds as you can see: Water Rail, Common Snip, Green Sandpiper and more ;-))  This time I was more careful while uploading them on my Mac !

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