Benno the Buzzard

Benno the Buzzard sitting on the field

Today we had some sunshine over here, and since the Buzzard (Buizerd) is still hanging around, I couldn’t resist making some more shots. In the forest close to our house we have a regular Buzzard that we named “Benny”, so to avoid confusion, we call the one in this blog “Benno”. At least in this way I can explain to my wife who I am looking at, when standing in front of our window with a pair of binoculars 😉 . Or in reverse, she can inform me when entering the house “Benno is on the grass again, searching for worms” . As a matter of fact, the spends more time in one the trees than on the grass :~) . The last shot – by the way – is taken from our bedroom window (with the 2x converter on).

Common Buzzard | BuizerdCommon Buzzard | BuizerdCommon Buzzard | BuizerdCommon Buzzard | Buizerd
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  1. Remco January 2, 2013 at 10:49 pm #

    Hallo Hans,

    Tjonge jonge positief jaloersmakende beelden weer van deze Benno!!!

    Knap genomen weer met lekker platte buik standpunt!



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