Bluethroats and more

photocrati galleryI do have a favorite spot for Bluethroats not too far from where we live, and since there’s a lot of them arriving right now in the Netherlands, I yesterday ealry morning went by to have a look – but unfortunately ‘nobody home’. Hopefully they will arrive soon. Since the sun was shining this morning again, I decided to visit another Bluethroat place, and yes – they were there ! Also some Stonechats and even a kind of salamander – on the bicycle road – I will try to find out what species and come back on that later ;-). For now it was a nice birding day, back to work 🙂

Update: my friend Menno ( tells me that the salamander is a Common Newt (Lissotriton vulgaris) |  Kleine Watersalamander – female

Update evening: found the Eagle Owl again, took some lousy shots, but: I saw it fly two times, it’s enormous ! :-))

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  1. A fruitfull day after all… Nice shots!

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