Brazil Birds – Part I

Definitely the most colorful bird we came across yesterday: the Red-necked Tanager

Today is a special day in The Netherlands: our queen Beatrix abdicated and since this morning ‘we’ have a new King, Willem-Alexander. Today I found myself however in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Some people have to work, even during national holidays 😉 . Anyway, to make the best out of it, I decided to fly out a day earlier, so that I could spend a day birding in the Ubatuba Atlantic Rain Forest. To make sure that the little time I had would be well spent, I contacted Paulo Boute from Boute Expeditions. He tailored a 24 hour tour for me, which started 30 minutes after me landing in Brazil. Needless to say that it was a tiresome trip, but on the upside we had a great time and Paulo showed me many, many new species. Some were rather dull colored (like the Black Vulture), but most of them extremely colorful and exotic. I made many pictures, which I have to sort out when back home – but for the moment I will show some in this blog, to give you an impression of what my day was like. Hope you like it, I surely did ! And thanks again to Paulo, for organizing a great trip !

photocrati gallery


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  1. A matte-black vulture is the most fancy thing you can get. Like a matte-black sports car or SUV. Nothing dull about that.

    For the rest: nice pictures but you don’t need any encouraging comments anymore. 😀

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