Colorful Thailand – Part 1

Little Green Bee-eater (Merops orientalis) looking down on some interesting insect….

Last week I had the opportunity to spend some shooting days in Thailand. My first stop was in the holiday town of Hua Hin. In itself not a special birding hotspot, however in the gardens of my hotel I already found some common species as the Peaceful Dove (Zebraduif) and Oriental Magpie Robin (Dayalijster). Driving around the area for a while, I finally found a farm where I spotted some Little Green Bee-eaters (Kleine Groene Bijeneter). After I showed the farmer my camera equipment he was kind enough to allow me onto his land and I could spend some time with the Bee-eaters. Some other species showed up as well, among them one of my favorites: the Hoopoe (Hop). As always very alert, so I could only take some long distance shots. The Bee-eaters were more easily to approach and I had plenty of shooting opportunities! Sometimes with the bushes as a background, but sometimes also one of the livestock cows, creating a brownish background.

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  1. Hallo Hans,

    Ik ben weer jaloers. Op de trip naar Thailand en met zulke mooie platen. Die groene bijeter is prachtig, en de Hop….daar blijf ik gewoon van genieten.

    Heerlijke beelden van bijna tropische vogels.

    ps. zijn die allemaal gemaakt met je 500mm?



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