Colorful Thailand – Part 2

Indian Roller on it’s way back to it’s lookout post….

As shown in the previous blogs, Thailand hosts many interesting species. Some are more colorful than others though. A bird I already had seen in Oman is the Indian Roller (Indische Scharrelaar). When perched, this bird looks rather dull and brownish, although one can already see part of it’s blue plumage. In flight the birds shows it’s spectacular blue feathers much better and transforms into a bright blue experience ! Another special species I found in Bangkok (!) was the Green-billed Malkoha (Groensnavelmalkoha). The bird has an enormous tail, but usually perched high up in the trees in the shade of the canopy. The shots are maybe not that great, but the bird itself surely is! In this blog also some small colorful birds and a Whiskered Tern (Witwangstern) nipping from the water around sunset.

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