Crane Watching – Part 2

A Crane that moved away for the group for a moment….

Slowly I am going through my shots of last week. Looking back, I realize more and more how lucky I have been. Be real: I more or less squeezed this day into a busy week of work and travel. In order to get to the hide, I had to take two trains from Stockholm Airport, rent a car and carry lots of gear. Besides my formal clothes, I brought down booties, down jacket, Goretex pants, gloves and hat, a sleeping bag, my ultralite Helinox chair (which was the most comfortable thing I had with me in the hide) and of course food, water and last but not least some 18kgs of camera equipment. As written in my first post, the cranes were much later than normal. So short and good: it took some time and effort to get there and I had only one day to spend. So when this day proved to be sunny, not terribly cold (only some 6 degrees below Zero) and the Cranes turn up in large numbers and stay around for the whole day – who am I to complain ? Herewith some more shots, hope you like them as well. Since there were so many birds around, getting shots of lonely ones or an isolated couple of ‘dancing’ Cranes was difficult. Portraits on the other hand were possible on many occasions ! Thanks for looking, greetings, Hans

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  1. Hallo Hans,

    Prachtige foto’s weer van deze Kraanvogels….echt een genot om naar te kijken. Die Kopportret foto’s springen er wel uit in je serie.

    Volgende keer kan je mij gewoon meenemen om je zware spullen te tillen, als ik dan maar wel ook zulke plaatjes mag schieten! 😉



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