Digging a hole

photocrati galleryThis morning I heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker – that is: I heard it hammering, but could not see it. Walking around the tree I thought “If it’s not on the outside, it must be on the inside”. Pretty clear thoughts for an early morning walk 😉 . Indeed it was. It was digging a nesting hole, disappearing inside for some minutes, hammering away. When there was too much debris, it cleared the hole. Mostly by throwing wood out, sometimes coming out completely for a rest and some cooling down. Fun to see, and I came to appreciate the hard labour !

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  1. Mooie serie Hans! Blijft het leukst om vogels te zien met hun “typische” gedrag. Kijk uit naar een weekendje les, grtz J

  2. Die heeft het gelukkig (voor jou en ons) niet zo heel hoog in de boom gezocht. Mooie serie.

  3. a fantastic series of shots, I especially like the one with the head poking out – now you will know where to look for more shots

  4. Excellent Hans! What a great series of shots! One of these day my internet connection will be fast and reliable enough for me to be able to look through and enjoy all your galleries, but for the time being I’m pleased I get to see and enjoy all the ones you post up at Juza’s.

    All the best my friend :^)


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