Doing a Dotterel

Eurasian Dotterel (Morinelplevier) in the Netherlands

Ever since I saw my first Dotterel (Morinelplevier) I have been sort of in love with the species. Dotterels do not inhabit my country, but every year some of them pass our country and stay for one or a few days. Last week I was lucky enough to have one within cycling distance. So, of course, I could not resist hurrying over a make a few shots of this lovely and not-t00-shy species 🙂

Eurasian Dotterel | MorinelplevierEurasian Dotterel | MorinelplevierEurasian Dotterel | MorinelplevierEurasian Dotterel | Morinelplevier
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  1. Remco June 1, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Prachtige vogel die ik zelf ook wel graag zou willen vastleggen, maar die vast niet meer ter plaatse is. Echt gaaf als je dan van zo’n mooie soort zulke platen kan maken. Jaloers? Ja best wel…..maar dat ik al gauw met veel foto’s van jouw 😉

    Groeten en fijn weekend.


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