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Desert Wheatear | Woestijntapuit - Westkapelle (Zeeland)

Desert Wheatear | Woestijntapuit – Westkapelle (Zeeland)

Last week I already was able to make shots of the rare Isabelline Wheatear (Izabeltapuit). Around the same time a Desert Wheatear (Woestijntapuit) was found in a place called Westkapelle, in the South-West of the country. Since I already had made shots of this species some years ago, I didn’t go there immediately. But last weekend we had planned some days in that area with friends, so when it turned out the bird was still around, we decided to pay it a visit on saturday morning. The day started (and stayed) heavily overcast, so I had to make shots with 1/100-1/250s. Still most of them came out all right, as you can see in this blog. To my surprise it was not busy at all with other birders – a little later we found out why: another (extreme) rarity had been sighted some 2km further south: a Dartford Warbler (Provençaalse Grasmus). We have twitched that one as well, but no record shots alas… The bird was extremely skulky…. But I was able to add it to my list 😉 …

Desert Wheatear | WoestijntapuitDesert Wheatear | WoestijntapuitDesert Wheatear | WoestijntapuitDesert Wheatear | Woestijntapuit
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  1. Remco November 4, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    Hey hans,

    Deze mooie Tapuit staat er toch wel weer netjes uit, ook gezien de weersomstandigheden. Zeker opnames om trots op te zijn van deze Woestijntapuit.

    Ben nu benieuwd naar je Vale Gierzwaluw en Drieteenstrandlopers foto’s. 😉



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