Duck Day

Great Crested Grebe (Fuut) with a fresh-caught fish

Since I wanted to stay close to home today, I decided to start in the forest next door. A while ago I bought a right-angle viewfinder, so I thought it might be fun trying this out at the local pond. After mounting the viewfinder on my camera, I put the camera on my tripod, which was in a total flat position. Getting the ducks in the frame was harder than expected, especially with the diving ducks like the Common Pochard (Tafeleend) – they always pop up somewhere unexpectedly and then you have to quickly find it again in the finder. After experimenting a bit, I made some shots that turned out okay.

Eurasian Bittern (Roerdomp) skulking through the reeds

After lunch, the weather seemed to get sunnier again, so I went to a not-too-far hide. The interesting birds however stayed too far for great shots, but still I was happy to make some in-flight shots, even of a Goldeneye (Brilduiker). Again I saw the Eurasian Bittern (Roerdomp), but terribly far – so a huge crop is all I have. But as you may know, these guys are extremely secretive.. But, who knows, maybe next time 🙂 ?

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