Eagle Owl on the run?

photocrati galleryFor some months now rumors were that an Eagle Owl (Oehoe) had been spotted in the area of Den Haag. Normally this would be regarded as an “escape”, since these owls are very rare in the Netherlands, especially in this part of the country. However, none of the registered Owls had been reported missing. Hence two options were left: (1) the bird escaped from a private collection, or (2) it was indeed a wild animal ! I have been looking for months, but never found it. Until last week: where I least expected it, I heard it call ! Excited I tried to locate the bird, but failed. Yesterday I heard it again, and with the binoculars finally could locate the bird. It was pitch dark and the bird was high (HIGH!) upon the roof of a building, but at least I could observe it for a while and take some shots (well, shots…..?!). Meanwhile information has reached me that two people have spotted the bird during daytime and have seen no sign of an ID ring, which means that it could very well be a wild bird… I will keep my eyes open and hope to see if some day during daytime as well !

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