Early rise for the Aquatic Warbler

Aquatic Warbler finally showing itself

Over the last few years, for some reason I always missed out on the rare Aquatic Warblers (Waterrietzanger). It is usually seen during approx. 2 weeks in the area, but either I was abroad or it simply didn’t show itself. Last friday I was lucky, as I finally saw one, however just a glimpse. Yesterday proved to be one of many fruitless attempts again. This morning however I rose early. When I arrived at the scene, I was welcomed by two Roa Deer (Ree) and some ‘normal’ Sedge Warblers (Rietzanger). Finally I was able to have a really good look at the Aquatic brother, and also make some evidence shots. Mission more or less completed 😉 . Okay, better shots would be welcome, but after so many attempts, one should be happy with what one gets…..

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  1. Hallo Hans,

    Na 2 jaar is het je eindelijk gelukt. Ze kunnen mooi in je vogelcollectie en je kunt er een dikke streep doorzetten. Zo aan je foto’s te zien valt het nog niet mee om hem zo mooi mogelijk erop te krijgen. Goed gedaan. Ook de Reeën ben je er tegengekomen, dat is een leuke toevoeging.



    ps. mijn (vogel) staat inmiddels ook online 😉

  2. Ik bedoelde (vogel)blog….hehe

  3. De aanhouder wint. Proficiat enzo..

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