Estonia and Latvia: Baltic Beauties

Typical forest in the Baltics
Typical forest in the Baltics

The last three weeks we have been cycling through Estonia and Latvia, two of the three so called ‘Baltic States’. Well, to be honest my not-well-informed mind said before we loaded our bikes on a plane to Talinn: forest, forest and maybe some trees. And yes, we have seen many forests and trees during our 900km trip. But both countries had much more to offer. Plenty of nice towns, lots of museums and other interesting things like letterboxes and locks – as well as abandoned buildings. Or very nice inhabited buildings for that matter. Of course we saw many birds while pushing our bikes forward, but birding (let alone framing them) was not the goal for this trip, and I didn’t make one descent shot (grrrr). I could add some new species to my list nevertheless, which was nice as well.  And actually we did one full day of birding, with a local guide, and he showed us our first Lesser Spotted Eagle (Schreeuwarend). As for the rest, well have had really nice bike tours (although sometimes had to bite some dust on unpaved roads) and not totally unimportant: we had really good food on most days 🙂 .. Attached some snapshots that show what I put into words above….

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