Feeding the Chicks

photocrati galleryThis time of year a lot of little mouths have to be fed. On one of our balconies we have a Blue Tit’s nest. It is equiped with a camera, so we can follow the proceedings on our TV. Before we left for Lesbos there were 12 eggs, now there are many youngsters. We are not sure though if it’s 12 still. We see the mother flying of and on with food, she must be exhausted by now. Not only bringing the food in, but also taken the poo out (see first photo). Especially tiresome since she seems to be doing all the feeding by herself, the male hasn’t shown up for a while. Since we do not want to disturb the feeding, we haven’t used this balcony for some weeks now ;-). The pictures are hence of bad quality, since they are taken through the window. Another nest, close to our home, is that of a family of Nuthatches. Same procedure: the parents are flying of and on with insects and other stuf as you can see in the pics.

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