Goosander Girls

Goosander female | Grote Zaagbek

Goosander female | Grote Zaagbek

Today I went to see some Goosanders (Grote Zaagbek). In a pond that I hadn’t visited for a long time, four female Goosanders had been seen as well as one male. The latter didn’t show itself today, but his girls did. They kept their distance though, notoriously shy as they are. Still it was fun watching them frequently dive for food and turning up somewhere else unexpectedly…. For better shots I should maybe try another time or at a different location 😉 .

Goosander fem. | Grote ZaagbekGoosander fem. | Grote ZaagbekGoosander fem. | Grote ZaagbekGoosander fem. | Grote Zaagbek


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  1. Remco March 1, 2014 at 5:11 pm #

    Hey Hans,

    Duidelijk betere foto’s als de mijne. Het kwam de foto’s wel ten goede toen de zon even doorbrak op het stukje water waar deze vrouwen zich bevonden.

    Groeten en fijn weekend.


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