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Eurasian Bittern (Roerdomp) too close to get it fully in the frame….

The Eurasian Bittern (Roerdomp) is one the most secretive and elusive birds we have around here in the Netherlands. First of all it is always skulking through the reeds and hardly shows itself at all. On top of that it is camouflaged so well, that, even when it’s there, it’s very easy to miss. If it thinks there’s any danger, it erects itself and blends in perfectly in the surroundings. The last weeks I checked several times, but never saw one – or if so at two times, only very far away. I was more lucky this time: suddenly I saw one very close. Too close, I had to take the converter out as only at 500mm full frame I was able to shoot. More than happy with these shots, I can tell you 😉 😉 !!!

Eurasian Bittern | RoerdompEurasian Bittern | RoerdompEurasian Bittern | RoerdompEurasian Bittern | Roerdomp
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  1. Remco February 11, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    Hallo Hans,

    Wow…wat een prachtige shots man van deze mysterieuze Reiger.

    Erg gaaf. Je openingfoto is al super, maar die met zijn bek open is ook erg gaaf.

    Mooi koud buitenkansje had je hier.

    Well done!!



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