Happy days continued

Bearded Reedling feeding

Another day with snow and some sun light, so another photography day ๐Ÿ™‚ . I went to a rather busy place, that is: not only with lots of Bearded Reedlings (Baardman) but also as many people. While most people were concentrating on the Reedlings, I had some fun with a Water Rail (Waterral) that was showing itself very well, sometimes even too close to focus. Surroundings were far from ideal (strong contrasts between light and dark) and shadows and strange reed residue. Anyway, it was fun and that’s what counts ! Since I was there, of course I framed some Reedlings as wel ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

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  1. Hoi Hans,
    Wat een gave vogeltjes die baarmannen!
    Het mannetje dat aan die rietstengel bungelt (de tweede) vind ik echt SUPERmooi.
    Ik ben er afgelopen dinsdag ook geweest en heb net zo genoten van de rallen en rietlings.
    De ijsvogeltjes die je tussen de bedrijven door tegenkwam mogen er ook zijn.
    Groet en tot gauw,

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