Hawfinches – light matters, but that’s not all….

A heavily cropped image……

Hawfinches (Appelvinken) are not very common in this part of the Netherlands. So when I heard that some had been sighted some weeks ago, I went to the place but couldn’t find them. Yesterday I had another try, and found a group of some 30 Finches. The first problem was that they stayed high up in the trees and proved to be very shy: the tend to fly off at the slightest disturbance. Another problem was that yesterday we had an overcast sky – so no good light conditions at all. After making some shots, all present decided to leave. This morning the sun was shining again, so I gave it another try. The first problem stayed the same, but at least there was some light. In this blog you can see some heavily cropped images. For better shots I will probably have to travel to another part of the country some day….Or should have stayed longer, judging from the pictures Wim took….

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