Ibirapuera Park revisited

Snowy Egret fully concentrated on its prey

Since today is my last full day in Sao Paulo, I decided to go back the city park and make some more shots of the city birds around here. I went early, since the day was supposed to be warming up rapidly. All in all I did not see any ‘new’ species compared to the visit I made earlier this week, but still could return to the hotel with some okay shots…

Picazuro PigeonBrazilian TealMasked Water-tyrantGreat Kiskadee
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  1. Renata July 5, 2013 at 12:41 am #

    Fantastic. You should send these photos to Ibirapeura site. They keep asking that to me: http://www.parqueibirapuera.org/home/carminhar_correr/

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