In a hot hide

Curious juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker checking his new world

Curious juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker checking his new world

As I showed in my previous post, some ten days ago I visited a hide. Since it was a very hot day, not only we had  a tough time in the hide, also the birds needed frequent cooling down. So the main attraction for them was not food, but the small water pool in front of the hide. One of the most interesting species that came by for a short drink, was the European Turtle Dove (Zomertortel) – a species that starts to become a rarity in our country. On top of that it’s extremely shy. So we were happy to hear and see it ! It this blog you can see some of the 23 species that came by that day !

Eurasian Bullfinch male | GoudvinkBlue Tit juv. | PimpelmeesEuropean Pied Flycatcher juv. | Bonte VliegenvangerCommon Chaffinch male | VinkCommon Chaffinch fem. | VinkWillow Warbler | FitisYellowhammer | GeelgorsEuropean Turtle Dove | Zomertortel
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  1. Remco August 3, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    Hallo Hans,

    Fraaie platen weer hoor vanuit HBN 3. Vooral de Zomertortel staat er heerlijk op.

    Nog veel plezier in de V.S.


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