Italian Snow

A well-camouflaged Rock Ptarmigan (Alpensneeuwhoen)


The last days we have been snowshoeing in Süd-Tirol. I didn’t expect to see much birds, and indeed there was not that much happening. I found some Coal Tits (Zwarte Mees) and one Crested Tit (Kuifmees). However during one of our snow shoeing trips I had to wait until the people in front of me crossed a tricky part on the mountain. While looking around, my eye suddenly fell on a well camouflaged Rock Ptarmigan (Alpensneeuwhoen). Too far for a good shot with my standard lens, but still I was able to take home some evidence shots. A first-timer for me, so I was pretty happy with this. The snow shoeing tours by the way were great: we had quite some snow and sun, all ingredients for a great week in the mountains!

Snowshoeing in Süd-TirolCoal Tit | Zwarte MeesCoal Tit | Zwarte MeesCoal Tit | Zwarte MeesCoal Tit | Zwarte MeesEuropean Crested Tit | KuifmeesRock Ptarmigan | AlpensneeuwhoenRock Ptarmigan | AlpensneeuwhoenSnowshoeing in Süd-TirolSnowshoeing in Süd-TirolSnowshoeing in Süd-TirolSnowshoeing in Süd-Tirol (photo by Dominique van der Elst)
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