Killer Kestrel and more

“Killer Kestrel” with it’s prey, an unlucky Meadow Pipit

Yesterday was a nice, sunny and almost windless day. In the morning I therefore headed for the harbor. Although the weather was excellent, there weren’t many birds around. I could make some shots of the Purple Sandpipers (Paarse Strandloper), one of which was missing a leg (and ‘no’, it’s not just perching on one leg ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I heard some Rock Pipits (Oeverloper) as well, but wasn’t able to locate them. Then quickly back to work. At the end of the day, I decided to pay my Kestrel a visit. Until now I had only seen it with mice and insects, but today it came flying by with what look like a larger prey. It turned out to be a Meadow Pipit (Graspieper). First Killer Kestrel perched on pole, but soon decided to finish of the bird on the ground, having a real feast….. Look for yourself, a sad day for the Pipit ๐Ÿ™ , but for both the Kestrel and the photographer something different for a change.. On leaving the area I ran into a Stonechat again (Roodborsttapuit) that was willing to pose, albeit far away, it was shy as usual. All in all not a bad day, considering the time I had available for shooting!

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  1. Hallo Hans,

    Tjonge jonge jij krijgt ze wel op bestelling zeg. Weer zo’n fraaie reeks van deze TV, ditmaal met Graspieper….sneu voor de pieper leuk voor de fotograaf. Paarse Strandloper staat er ook mooi op.

    Nog langs Bosuil geweest?



  2. Hoi Hans,
    Mooie serie met die onfortuinlijke graspieper die voor afwisseling in het menu zorgt. Gelukkig trokken ze in die periode massaal door.
    Leuke gevarieerde reeks van de paarse strandloper, waarbij je een mooi laag standpunt hebt gevonden, hetgeen op die locatie nogal eens lastig is.

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