Knowing your Kestrel

If one has the possibility to visit a particular bird more often, it is possible to know it’s habits and preferences. Besides mice, this one also feeds on larger insects; grasshoppers for example (look carefully at the shot of the bird on the wooden bridge). This Kestrel (Torenvalk) is around for a long time now, and by now I know most of it’s favorite spots and places for hunting. Although often using the same perch, the time of day and angle of view makes for different backgrounds: sky, greenish, brownish – choose your own 😉 . And what if the Kestrel is not around ? Ah well, there’s always some other bird hanging around, yesterday a Grey Heron (Blauwe Reiger) that was scanning the fields for food.

Kestrel | TorenvalkKestrel | TorenvalkKestrel | TorenvalkKestrel | TorenvalkKestrel | TorenvalkGrey Heron | Blauwe ReigerGrey Heron | Blauwe ReigerKestrel | Torenvalk
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