Lesvos II: Brandnew Buntings and the Ouzo-Owls

photocrati galleryOur trip to Lesvos resulted in some 35+ new species, including lots of buntings. Very nice to see them all in full summer plumage, and hear some of them sing ! Another species we wanted to see was the Scops Owl. At a well-know spot near a run-down Taverna (too much Ouzo?) is a tree where the male is roosting during the day. The female is breeding at a hidden location, not given by the local dwellers. And for a damn good reason: two years ago some ‘birdphotographers’ wanted a BIF-shot from the Scops owls, and climbed the tree to make them fly… How dumb can you be ? Little Owls at last are seen scattered around the island, always fun to see. The one standing upright was alarmed by two fighting Kestrels that flew by….

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