Lousy Days?

One of the fun things about birding is that you can never be sure what to expect. I am not so sure about that fun part…  The last days I had several plans, but none of them really worked out 🙁 . Don’t get me wrong: I saw many bird species, and was able to take some pictures as well. But alas, not the ones I was hoping for. This morning however I met -totally unexpected- a wonderful Sparrowhawk again, which was willing to pose for a short while. I was so close that I could even make some portraits against an almost blackish background! The bird seemed much as ease, since it started even cleaning itself… Ah well, what can you do ? Probably be happy with what you get and don’t get frustrated with what you don’t get 😉 (I am working on it…)

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  1. Hallo Hans,

    Wow die Sperwer portret met donkere achtergrond is echt super man. Wat moet dat een lekker gevoel geven als die lekker meewerkt. De krekelzanger heb je er nu ook wel mooier opstaan als je eerdere opname. Een cascara eend blijft toch ook wel prachtig om die in de vrije natuur tegen te komen.

    We komen elkaar vast wel weer snel tegen in het veld.

    Groeten en nog fijn weekend.


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