Many Martins, a Dotterel and more

photocrati galleryThe Easter Weekend started okay. Though I was in search for a Ringed Ouzel (that I still haven’t seen yet), I managed to finally make a shot of a Nightingale – normally they hide themselves pretty well. During this morning I received a tip for a place where one could get close (relatively that is of course) to a group of 30 Sand Martins. I went, failed but went back again. These little birds were busy making nesting holes in a sand wall close to a building site. Luckily a Environmental Policeman noticed and has made sure the builders will leave this part of the site alone, since breeding areas are to be protected (which is why I kept my distance) ! I took hundreds of shots, trying to get them frozen in flight. Although the majority was plain trash, some turned out to be quite okay ;-). The sand was flying around as you can tell from some of the pics. Yesterday morning during a cycle trip along the coastline my wife and I spotted a big Wheatear (or so I thought from a distance), but found out it was a Eurasian Dotterel, a very rare sight in The Netherlands. So in the afternoon we went back with the camera, luckily it was still there. The bonus of the day was on the way back to the car: a loudly singing Whitethroat that could be relatively easily approached. Pff, what a weekend ;-)))

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