Melting back to normal

Even if the Carrion Crow has it’s beak full of food, the Buzzard must be chased away….

After a period with freezing temperatures and snow, everything is ‘melting back to normal’ here. Meaning that not much is happening – some Fieldfares (Kramsvogel) hanging around and showing their beautiful plumage against some grasses instead of snow. And the Buzzards are searching for food again, but still have troubles fighting off aggressive Carrion Crows (Zwarte Kraai) that seem to claim the fields as their territory 🙂 . Ah well, not every day can be exciting..

Kramsvogel | FieldfareKramsvogel | FieldfareCommon Buzzard | BuizerdCommon Buzzard | Buizerd


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  1. Helma January 29, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    Ik heb hier eens rondgesnufeld maar ik zie werkelijk fantastische foto’s. Zo mooi, zo scherp en ook van die mooie details. Echt prachtige platen.

    Groetjes, Helma

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