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Moor Frog | Heikikker swimming by
Moor Frog | Heikikker swimming by

Moor Frogs (Heikikker) are very interesting frogs, since for only a couple of days a year the males turn blue. Obviously during the mating season… I thought I was too late this year, since in the southern part of the country this phenomena had already passed. Luckily not too far away there is a small pond where allegedly the frogs where still busy. Since I am not a frog person, identification was and is not that easy. Of course, the 100% blue frogs are easy to identify, but Common Frogs (Bruine Kikker) also have the tendency to get slightly blueish when excited.. Anyway, it was a wonderful morning with sun shine, nice temperatures and lots of frogs ;-). Too many shots, so in this blog a preliminary selection…..

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  1. Hey Hans,

    Leuke foto’s van deze Heikikkers, met natuurlijk als uitschieter de zwemmende Blauwe Heikikker.

    Was een leuk en geslaagd ochtendje!


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