My Morning Mistle Thrush

Mistle Thrush | Grote Lijster

Two days ago I visited a place called “De Rietputten’ to see if I could find some of the young birds down there. A Marsh Harrier (Bruine Kiekendief) was giving me a hard time however.  Hovering above the wetlands, it scared most warblers deep into the reeds. As a result there were not that many birds to photograph – only a few juvenile Bearded Reedlings (Baardman)  that showed itself briefly. Luckily I found a young Bluethroat (Blauwborst), whose parents I had in front of my lens some weeks ago (judging from the territory). Today I had an appointment near Wassenaar, but first paid a visit to a place where some of my fellow bird photographers had spotted a Mistle Thrush (Grote Lijster) recently. Since these birds tend to be rather shy by nature, I never had the chance to take some descent pictures of this species. This morning I simply positioned myself flat on the ground a waited for things to come. And, voila!, after some odd 30 minutes the bird appeared and started feeding at the lake’s edge. It came actually pretty close, until a group of runners passed… My time was up anyway, but I did get my shots 😉

Bearded Reedling juv. | BaardmanMarsh Harrier | Bruine KiekendiefBluethroat juv. | BlauwborstBluethroat juv. | BlauwborstMistle Thrush | Grote LijsterMistle Thrush | Grote LijsterMistle Thrush | Grote LijsterLittle Grebe | Dodaars
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  1. Remco June 30, 2012 at 11:37 am #

    Hallo Hans (3x),

    Je geduld is hier zeker beloond wat een heerlijke platen van deze Grote Lijster, vooral je laatst ervan is bijzonderfraai in een lekkere compo. Gelukkig heb je ook de juveniele Baardmannen ditmaal goed kunnen platen. De Jonge BB is toch ook wel weer een lekker toetje als je die zo kan fotograferen. Als laatste de Dodaar….die valt mooi op tussen de groene lelies.

    Ben benieuwd waarmee je de volgende keer komt.

    Mijn nieuwe blog staat ook eindelijk online.

    Groeten en fijn weekend.


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