Nesting Nuthatch

photocrati galleryFollowing last saturday’s visit, I decided to visit the Nuthatches one more time this morning. They are still busy feeding the young, however it’s not possible to have a closer look at the nest – so I have no clue how many chicks are inside. In any case the parents are very busy bringing the food in and taking the excrements out. In one of the shots you can see the little ‘capsule’ with ‘chicken-shit’ taken out by the parent. The circumstances were not that easy as the pictures may suggest: alternating clouds and bright sunlight changed the light conditions within a split second. On top of that, I had to keep my distance (as not to disturb the parents) and due to strong winds, sometimes branches and leaves blocked my view. Only when everything came together I could press the shutter release 😉

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  1. Superb quality pictures and themes.
    I try to do my best placing and constructing bird boxes……in the future a I will try to enter in the Photo world….
    Best regards!!

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