‘Nother Nuthatch

Nuthatch (Boomklever) sitting as a normal bird 😉

The last days have been pretty hectic, and it was hard to find time for going out. Since everyone needs some fresh air, I managed to get away every now and then – but had to stay close to home. Meaning spending some time in the woods around here, and visiting the dunes close to Den Haag. Luckily I was able to improve on the Nuthatch (Boomklever) shot, albeit in an uncommon pose: standing up instead of glued upside-down to a tree trunk 😉 . Also I saw quite some Stock Doves (Holenduif), that are not that bad when you spend some time appreciating their color pattern… And I heard many Common Chiffchaffs (Tjiftjaf) singing their distinctive song.

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  1. Hallo Hans,

    Mooie vangst weer. Tjiftjaf in hele mooie lente setting, maar ook de kleurige Holenduif komt mooi over.

    Heb je sommige shots vanuit een hut gefotografeerd ofzo?



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