Oystercatchers and a strange Buzzard

Oystercatcher speeding along the shoreline

With northern winds, there is always a chance of seeing some interesting migratory birds along the coastline. So I paid the harbor a short visit in the morning. Alas, there seemed not much activity close to the shore. Since I was there, I spent some minutes shooting Eurasian Oystercatchers (Scholekster) on the beach. Since several Gulls were looking for food as well, the Oystercatchers were running up and down the shoreline like crazy. I had left my tripod with swivel head in the car, so used my backpack as a support while lying flat on the sand. This set-up made it a little more difficult to follow the birds, that were really speeding along the shoreline. Still I made some shots in the nice morning sun. Upon arriving home a surprise awaited me: a Common Buzzard (Buizerd) on the park lawn in front of my house, sitting still while two Carrion Crows were hopping around. Usually you see them only chasing Buzzards away from their territory, so this was a weird sight to say the least 😉 . Agree ?

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