Parental Responsibilities

Sparrow-hawk (Sperwer) female (l) and juvenile (r)

The last couple of days I was abroad, but before I left and after I returned I checked upon the Sparrow-hawks (Sperwer). They still seem to do well: mother is killing like crazy to provide enough food, whereas the two youngster scream for food once they notice that the Catering Service has arrived. In-between meals, the mother takes some quick naps and cleans herself. A White Wagtail (Witte Kwikstaart) in the nearby harbor has some young outside the nesting place and still one on the inside, which keeps this mother busy as well.. Soon however, it will all be over and the young birds will have to find their own way in life…..

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  1. Hallo Hans,

    Leuke beelden weer van de Sperwers, maar ook de (jonge) Kwik heb je er fraai op weten te krijgen.



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