Penguins are hot!

African Penguin having a hot day and a long climb ahead...
African Penguin having a hot day and a long climb ahead…

Last week a dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant, featured an article on a new television series on penguins. It concluded that penguins are probably the most-loved animals by humans, of course mainly because of the fact they live ‘standing upright’ and hence remind us of ourselves. But of course funnier and more clumsy. Well, the overall message was ‘Penguins are hot’. Some penguins however, are literally hot – like this little fellow climbing a hill in South Africa. The colonies over there have made some strange choices by having their breeding grounds on the South-African coast, where it can be terribly hot in summer. Not at all a place where you would expect these icy creatures.. Anyway, since I was selecting some penguin shots for my portfolio (and the weather is terrible overhere), I decided to have a small blog on the African Penguins (a.k.a. Jackass Penguin) that I photographed in 2010 🙂

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  1. Mission impossible is of all times. They’re good at it!

  2. Hey Hans,

    Fijne serie van deze grappige PinguĂŻns, die momenteel erg hot zijn door de docu PinguĂŻns Undercover. Je hebt deze vogels er bijzonder mooi en scherp opstaan, alleen is deze soort lang niet zo mooi als de KeizerpinguĂŻn.

    Hopelijk publiceert hij nou wel m’n reactie.


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