“Pestvogels” and Poland

Common Buzzard warming itself in the early morning sun

This weekend I was expected to give a presentation in Poland, in the city of Cracow. It was planned as a short “in- and out tour”. However, since the weather forecast for friday morning predicted snow storms, KLM Airlines contacted me and suggested taking the thursday evening flight instead. This appeared to be a good choice, since all flights on friday have been cancelled. On thursday morning however I had planned to try and take some shots again of the Waxwings (Pestvogel). Although circumstances were promising (some odd ten birds and clear skies), if was not a good shooting day at all… 🙁 .  Too many photographers and too much traffic, making the birds restless. Luckily on my way over there I had already come across a friendly Buzzard (Buizerd), who was hiding between some branches 😉 .

Horse and Carriage in the city center of Cracow

After having spent some time with the Waxwings and talking to other photographers (which was nice by the way) I hurried home and packed for my flight to Warshaw. Although my time in Cracow was limited to 28 hours and consumed mostly by work, I managed to take some shots of what appears to be a really beautiful and interesting city. Some place to go back again for sure, and spend some more time !

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  1. Hallo hans,

    Dit keer een uitgebreid blog van jouw kant. Leuk om te lezen, maar belangrijker je foto’s, die me toch steeds maar weer boeien. De Buizerd werkte weer mooi mee. De Pestvogel foto’s zijn ook lekker om naar te kijken. Zelfs vliegend….dat wilde ik ook proberen in B’drecht maar lukte me niet. Je laatste Pestvogel foto is mijn favoriet! Je Polen foto’s zijn ook boeiend en van hele hoge kwaliteit.
    Ben benieuwd welke lens je daarvoor hebt gebruikt.



    Mijn pestvogel foto’s van B’drecht staan nu ook online in mijn nieuwe blog.

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