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Flamingo Fun

In a place called the “Zwillbrocker Venn” (Germany) there’s a group of breeding Chilean Flamingos. Originating from escaped birds, it’s now a free living and breeding population. They usually spend the winters in The Netherlands […]

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Return to the Remiz

The first photo session of the year was okay, but I had some issues to deal with as you can read here. So, normally, I would go back for a 2nd, 3rd of even 4th […]

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2020 Remiz Pendulinus

The year 2020 started for me with a heavy cold. After spending some days in and around bed I was in desperate need for some oxygen though. So I decided to take a little drive […]

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Plectrophenax nivalis

… Also known as Snow Bunting. One of those birds that I always find a treat to watch and frame. Most of the time they are pretty busy, searching for food. We only get to […]

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Hoodie in the Dark

The Hooded Merganser is a North-American species, that is seldom recorded in Europe. Hence, most of the reports in The Netherlands are from escapes. That all said, when a drake was seen earlier this week, […]

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Owls in Fall Foliage

This time of year can be interesting if one wants to frame Long-eared Owls in fall foliage. Although they are hard to find at times, there’s some more or less ‘certain places’ where they can […]

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Little Auk

Two weeks ago, a Little Auk appeared in the harbour. Sadly enough, it was covered with oil. Having no daylight left, I made some evidence shots and that was it. This morning, again a Little […]

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Sea, Foam and Sanderlings

Sanderlings always make me happy. Fun to watch, great to frame. Last week I found some at the beach of Ameland (Dutch island), where they were running around through layers of sea foam. Often they […]

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Hooked on Horned !

The Horned Larked has been on my wish list for a while, for a descent shot that is. Until this year, I was never able to make this kind of shots. This year though, it […]

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(K)not Red

Red Knots can be seen along our shorelines during this time of year. However, looking for a red bird won’t do you much good, since most of the birds are first winter birds. I found […]

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Block Buster

Recently I was at an artificial dam along the sea shore, made of concrete and stones. Not really a lot was happening, but I found this White Wagtail roaming the dam for insects. Due to […]

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Of course, I knew that I had seen three species of Phalaropes until now. What I didn’t know, was that this is also the end of it. The Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the […]

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