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Silly Flavissima

Once, the “Flavissima” was seen as a subspecies of the Yellow Wagtail. However, since some time now it is considered a separate species. But there’s this thing with naming. Literally translated we have named it […]

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Crowded House

This year, both Kestrel nest boxes in my area rendered five chicks. One of these boxes is at walking distance from my house, and usually when running in the woods I stop briefly to check […]

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Funny Faces

When one wants to attract a bird’s attention, one can of course play music. Beethoven’s 5th symphony seems to be quite popular among Yellowhammers, and Common Rosefinches apparently crave for Sympathy for the Devil. Judging […]

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Podiceps grisegena

Red-necked Grebes are not really rare in The Netherlands, but since there’s only some odd twenty breeding pairs and approximately 50-100 wintering/migrating birds, you don’t see them that often. With the small amount birds in […]

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The Tartt Bird

The Goldfinch is a book written by Donna Tartt, and was published in 2013. I did like the book quite a lot. Maybe not as much as her debut The Secret History (1992), but you can’t […]

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Ever since we moved to this place in 2006, we have had Oystercatchers breeding on the neighbouring rooftops. As the coast line has hardly any good breeding spots left here (due to buildings and recreation) […]

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Breather #2

After my experience with the Bluethroat showing some of its ‘air puffs’, I decided to go and try for the same experience again. But with another species, of course. Otherwise it gets boring ! And […]

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Balcony Wagtail

About a month ago, a Black-headed Wagtail (a rare bird for our country) was seen in one of the areas that I visit several times a week in that time of year. Due to COVID-19, […]

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Fency Godwit

Search for an image of a Black-tailed Godwit in The Netherlands, and chances are you’ll see them perched on poles or fences. This is only logical, since they are mainly breeding in agricultural areas. Farmers […]

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Breathtaking Bluethroat

As I wrote in an earlier blog, I wasn’t planning on going after Bluethroats this year. Not because they’re not nice – they are beautiful songbirds after all – but I mean: how many shots […]

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Whistling Warbler

In the last week of April I found a Wood Warbler! Or, I heard one is actually more accurate. Not so strange, since these Warblers are normally much easier to hear than to see. They […]

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Full Color Godwit

This time of year, there’s a chance to see birds, that you normally only get to see in winter dress, in breeding plumage. On their way north, they visit our country briefly to feed. One […]

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