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More often than not, bird photographers try to get as close as they can. Normally this requires quite some millimetres or a rather tame bird. The opposite however is to have the bird ‘small in […]

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Fair Foxes

If you want to shoot Foxes (with the camera that is), there are some well-known spots to visit. Since these Foxes are fed by photographers (or others that frequent the area), they are used to […]

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Return to the Remiz

The first photo session of the year was okay, but I had some issues to deal with as you can read here. So, normally, I would go back for a 2nd, 3rd of even 4th […]

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The Sadist Plover

When I see Grey Plovers, I simply have to shoot them. No matter what. Or? While I was shooting Herons in Florida, I noticed a Grey (or Black-bellied) Plover at the beach. As I already […]

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Hooked on Horned !

The Horned Larked has been on my wish list for a while, for a descent shot that is. Until this year, I was never able to make this kind of shots. This year though, it […]

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Eiger North Face

As a child, I devoured books about mountains and mountaineering. Of course, I also fantasied about climbing the North Face of Eiger some day. My grandfather even had a book of this specific mountain. But […]

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Of course, I knew that I had seen three species of Phalaropes until now. What I didn’t know, was that this is also the end of it. The Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the […]

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My Mammal Days

The last two outings didn’t render me much feathers. Quite the opposite: I came home with Mammal Shots only . Last Sunday I stumbled upon a Harbour Seal that was resting on a stretch of […]

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Little Bitterns at 2500k away

One of the birds I wanted to shoot in Portugal was the Little Bittern. I visited a place last fall that seemed suitable, and hence planned on going back there. Before my departure to Portugal […]

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JW Roy

As you know I hardly write about anything other than birds, wildlife and travel. But I have other interests as well. You could call it almost human. And yesterday I had one of the best evenings […]

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Tulip’s Triumph

Last Sunday I received the news that I had won the 1st price in the 2015 EPA Awards on Nature Photographers Network . I already had this honor in 2013, so you can imagine my surprise […]

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Exhibition: “The Esthetics of Birds”

The last two months I have had an exhibition in the Bolinas Museum (California). A first timer for me in the United States, and a great project to work on. To include the active local community of […]

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