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Of course, I knew that I had seen three species of Phalaropes until now. What I didn’t know, was that this is also the end of it. The Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the […]

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The ‘real’ Cracker

After meeting the famous Dutch Nutcracker, you may think that shooting these birds is easy. Well, I can tell you: it’s not. During our stay in the Swiss canton of Wallis, I was surprised how […]

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Concentrating on Crag Martins

The previous weeks in spent in the Alps. For the first part of our holiday, we rented a holiday home in Austria. Close to our home I found some Crag Martins, a species we don’t […]

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Meeting a Mountain Plover

One bird was on my wish list when visiting Colorado last month: the Mountain Plover. Why? I guess I’m just a sucker for plovers in general, so when I heard it has its breeding grounds […]

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American Pipit – the Alticola Edition

While visiting the Rockies last month, I noticed some Pipit-like birds walking on the snow. Immediately I started taking pictures, still not sure which Pipit I was shooting exactly. As it turned out, it’s an […]

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Mountain Marmots

To me, marmots and mountains are strongly connected. I remember, as a child, visiting the Swiss Alps and seeing and hearing these wonderful ‘Murmeltiere’ high up in the mountains. Last month, I visited the Rocky […]

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Western Meadowlark

Without doubt, the Western Meadowlark has the most beautiful song I have heard from any bird in the US so far. So, when I drove around in South Park (CO, USA) last week, I recognised […]

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Wireless Western Kingbird

Over the years, most of the Kingbirds that I have seen were perched on fences and wires. Which makes sense, since they make for excellent look-out spots. But, truth to be told, I always hoped […]

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Korean Walls

Korea has a long tradition of murals. During our cycling trip in South-Korea, last month, we encountered many different drawings. Of course, they are abundant at temples and shrines, but you can see them almost […]

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Brown-eared Bulbul

Last month, I spent some weeks cycling in South-Korea. Cycling and getting to know the country were of course the main goals, birding was driving in the back seat. That said, I saw quite some […]

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Belgian B&W’s

Last weekend we spent in the city of Ghent (Belgium). A beautiful city that gave me ample opportunity to experiment a little with black & white images, as well as with my personal preference for […]

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Hoopoe at Hole 9

Wildlife photography is mainly about timing. Being in the right place at the right time, whether it’s location, season or time of day. Another matter of timing involves personal safety. While in Portugal I visited […]

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