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Snowy Hare

Last Sunday we had, for the first time in years, some snow. And not only that, it was accompanied by strong winds, making it pretty rough outside (for The Netherlands, that is). Venturing out with […]

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The Highland White

Despite the lack of highlands, our country boasts many Highland Cows. Maybe it’s just a matter of overcompensation? Anyway. Among a group of these furry cows, I noticed a young one, in a different dress. […]

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Interesting Skies

Usually bird-against-the-sky photos don’t render interesting images. That is, unless the sky is actively part of the image of course. For instance due to intens colours, patters or clouds. In those cases I am quite […]

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Bar-tailed Godwit

While the Black-tailed Godwit is our national bird and gets quite some attention, its Bar-tailed cousin is as beautiful. Unfortunately we only get to see it in winter plumage though. Leaves something to imagine, I […]

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Fun Fox

“The best bird of the day was a mammal”. Often heard among birders. Last Wednesday proved this proverb to be true once again. My visit to the harbour and the beach had resulted in not […]

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Brown Pelican

The Brown Pelican is one of those species that one sees quite often in the US. In some places, especially touristic harbours, they seem as plenty as litter boxes. To get one nicely framed is […]

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Two Times Tawny

Close ups can be fun, but environmental shots are usually much nicer. Of course, the best case is when you have an option, which is unfortunately not always the case. These are two different Tawny […]

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Different Light

Yesterday morning I spent with a good friend, shooting Kingfishers. Since we started early we had to deal with low light at the beginning. During the morning we had Kingfishers in direct sunlight, shadow and […]

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Redstart up close

In one of my local patches I have been running into Black Redstarts for many years. They always seemed to be shy however, and I never made for much more than good evidence shots. A while […]

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“Hey, wait, isn’t that a…?”

Some birds are masters in blending in with their environment. When you are not actively looking for them you probably won’t even notice that they’re there. Unless they move or call, that is. In this […]

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Curious Creature….

When walking through the woods close to my home, I often see Red Squirrels. Sometimes chasing each other, sometimes alone. Sometimes shy, sometimes curious. In this case the Squirrel showed a raised interest in all […]

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Learning to Scan

Since the weather hasn’t been much over the last few weeks, I decided to start a small project: scanning some old slides. I found out that the scanner I had was so old, that it was […]

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