Ptarmigans + Puffins = Paradise !

Three Atlantic Puffins on a grassy platform …

We just came back from a nine-day visit to Iceland, where we have traveled the southern and western part of the island. All in all we drove some 2.200km and made as many pictures, mainly of birds, but also plenty of landscapes and ‘natural wonders’. It was a first timer for us and we already ‘decided’ to go back and see more. What an incredible beauty – both wildlife and scenery. Every hill, turn or rear view exposed a new ‘wow’ sight! To start of some blogs on this amazing trip, I decided to show two of my favorite birds immediately. Although we had being warned that the Puffins (Papegaaiduiker) may still be at sea, we were lucky enough to see several hundred of them and had some good opportunities for shooting. Should we have wanted, we also could have tasted them, since they are on many menus in local restaurants.. Anyway, we decided to only frame them 🙂 . A species we encountered in more areas than anticipated was the Rock Ptarmigan (Alpensneeuwhoen). Some months ago we first saw it in Italy, but far away and hardly discernible in the snow. On Iceland the birds were still moulting, and many could be spotted easily among the volcanic fields (as you can see in the ‘making of’ shot). More birds and scenery is coming up in a few days !

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  1. It’s some time ago, but I can still hear Bob laughing about the puffins colourful appearance…

  2. Hallo Hans,

    Prachtige foto’s weer van jullie trip uit IJsland. Sneeuwhoen heb je nu wel perfect er opstaan. Ook leuk de making of.. Je laatste vliegende Papegaaiduiker is een topper!



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