Shore Dwellers

Common Ringed Plover (Bontbekplevier) doing some stretching in the early morning
Common Ringed Plover (Bontbekplevier) doing some stretching in the early morning

This time of year is usually good for checking out the ‘shore dwellers’: plovers and the likes that are migrating along our shoreline and sometimes staying put for longer periods. Arriving early at the scene is key, making for nice light and less wind. Last week I was able to frame two species that I hadn’t photographed yet – that is: not in an satisfying way. The Bar-Tailed Godwit (Rosse Grutto) is usually found along the shoreline where the water meets the land. Running around it is not always easy to get nice shots, but I could make some as soon as the sun was creeping over the dunes. The other bird, Common Ringed Plover (Bontbekplevier), is usually found a little further up the beach. With some patience this plover can be approached pretty close. Note that you see some different lighting conditions on the plover, within some 20 minutes – light changes so fast in this early hour !!

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  1. Mooie platen weer Hans. In inderdaad mooi licht. De Rosse Grutto laat je inderdaad fraai zien in dat licht, maar ook de BBP staat er netjes op. Ik had hetzelfde met de licht omstandigheden dmv. schaduw (bewolkt) en zonlicht.

    Je eerste foto is meteen de mooiste!



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