Short and Long Lenses

Kestrel perched and posing…..

Last week we did a bicycle holiday, and cycled some odd 650 km along the river Rhine, from Arnhem (NL) towards Karlsruhe (D). During this trip I decided to take only the point and shoot camera, for holiday-like pictures. Still, with these camersa it’s fun to shoot, see the images of the locks on the bridge in Cologne and the droplets on a leaf in Karlsruhe. This morning however I went out again with the Long Lens. Not much was happening, however ‘my’ Kestrel (Torenvalk) was at the usual place and gave me some nice shooting moments in the morning light. After this, I did a quick check at the harbor – but nothing special going on there either….except a lonely Dunlin (Bonte Strandloper) More activity in the coming weeks, or so I hope 😉 .

LocksLocksLocksWater DropletsKestrel | Torenvalk Kestrel | Torenvalk Dunlin | Bonte StrandloperDunlin | Bonte Strandloper


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