Short Stay Shots

Little Owl (Steenuil) warming itself in the early morning sun….

These days it’s hard to go out for long periods, ’cause of busy times 😉 . Nevertheless, if can spare some 30 minutes or so, I venture out, since the weather has been pretty good over the last few days. These short trips brought me to my favorite Kestrel (Torenvalk), as well as the harbor, where the Rudy Turnstones (Steenloper) are gathering again – always a treat to watch and frame. This morning I paid a short visit to the Little Owl (Steenuil) that has been hanging around the same farm for a while now, but so far was always out shopping when I was at the spot. This morning I was lucky, since it was warming itself on a fence post in the first morning sun. And now back to work !

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  1. Early bird meets early birds. Nice shots – as always.

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