Eurasian Skylark | Veldleeuwerik
Eurasian Skylark | Veldleeuwerik

When the Skylarks (Veldleeuwerik) are singing in the air, spring really has started. For this time of year we have very mild temperatures overhere, and since a couple of days you can here the Larks singing everywhere. They fly high up in the air while singing a nice repertoire. And suddenly they come down like little parachutes. When walking through the fields, this is a sound and sight that for me is really connected with spring. Higher temperatures and longer days! Another good thing about them singing so loudly is that you can actually find them. Because while on the ground they are masters on blending in with the crops…..  🙂 .

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  1. Hey Hans,

    Spring is in the air!!! Heerlijke vluchtopnames van deze Veldleeuwerik. Ook de kopfoto van deze fraaie vogel is fijne plaat om naar te kijken, waarbij de Veldleeuwerik mooi opgaat in zijn omgeving(skleuren).

    Groeten en fijn weekend.


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