Smoggy Nuthatch

Chinese Nuthatch | Chinese Boomklever
Chinese Nuthatch | Chinese Boomklever

Authorities advise to stay inside today, since smog has been building up over the last days here in Beijing. Still, I wanted to go out and see if I could find some birds. Well, to put it this way: I have had better birding days in China. I did see some species, but making shots was almost undoable since there’s hardly enough light with this amount of smog. Still, I was happy with some shots. Not because they are excellent in terms of techs, but  since it was the first time I had a Chinese Nuthatch (Chinese Boomklever) a.k.a. Snowy-browed Nuthatch relatively low and close. Other times I saw this bird, it was always high up and far away. And the bird is already considerably smaller than ‘our’ Nuthatch. So – in this blog you can see the best shots I could make – bad light, small bird and fogginess… well – hopefully the shots will do for the birder in you 😉 …..

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