Snowy Owl (2x) !

DSC_4835Since some weeks now two Snowy Owls (Sneeuwuil) can been seen in The Netherlands, on one of the islands – called Vlieland. Allegedly the birds are part of group that came from Canada on a freighter to Europe and have spread out since . Due to heavy storms they have taken refugee on this Europe bound vessel in December, bringing them all the way overhere. The Owls attract much attention, and since I didn’t have the time earlier, I visited them only yesterday. Although present for over a month now, I still found many birders and photographers on the ferry boat. Even three friendly Italians came all the way to see these birds. The birds were found soon enough – even if they stayed some 1km apart from each other and where more often than not obscured by tall grasses (helmgras). Both today and yesterday I could make some shots, although this morning I found only one owl back. The Snowy Owl is a species that I wanted to see for a long time and never could have imagined to see it in my home country, let alone be able to make some good shots. More than happy, of course 😉 . With lots of images, I still have to sort out quite a lot, but in this blog already some ‘quick fixes’ 🙂 . Hope you like them !

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  1. zeer gaaf

  2. Hey Hans,

    Het is zeker de moeite waard geweest om 2 dagen naar Vlieland te gaan voor deze prachtige Sneeuwuil. Zéér gave beelden heb je weten te maken. Ook de vliegbeelden zijn top, alleen jammer dat de Sneeuwuil net niet met zijn/haar kop richting je lens keek. Die je ook op FB hebt laten zien is denk ik wel mijn favoriet.

    Ik ben benieuwd of er nog mooiere foto’s tussen je gemaakte reeks zitten.


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