Spirit of Cape Verde Part III

Walking the steep hills of Sao Nicolau

My first blog of the year will be the last one on our trip to Cape Verde. As stated earlier, in birding terms it wasn’t that exciting, even though we managed to see some new species. The Spectacled Warbler (Brilgrasmus) was among them, we spotted both males and females as you can tell from the pics. Also we came across some not-yet-identified (by us that is) dragonflies. The Islands are far from the nearest mainland, so most products arrive over sea or by airfreight, as you can tell from the enormous Antonov Cargo airplane that was parked on the international airport of Sal. On the islands themselves, there are of course roads and cars, but still many villages can only be reached by foot or donkey. This meant that during our walks we saw many people of all ages carrying things on their shoulders and heads. Also we witnessed many school children that – according to our calculations – must walk for one hour through the steep mountains every day to get to school, and another one hour back home. With the heat not an easy task! What for us were mere hikes, for the local people it’s their gateway to the small towns and stores. Well, see for yourself – and be convinced that the Islands of the Cape Verde are surely worth visiting 🙂 .

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